Fabric for Sofa Covers

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Fabric for Sofa Covers

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When it comes to having a sofa cover tailored, one of the most important factors is the fabric itself. Not only does fabric for sofa covers have a huge impact on the aesthetics of your sofa and how it will incorporate with the rest of your home’s design, fabric for sofa covers is the number one aspect of how well your sofa covers will stand up to the test of time. With low quality fabrics you run the risk of tears and other damage happening very quickly. Once this happens you are either forced to have repairs made or replace the sofa cover entirely.

At the Loose Cover Company we only use high-quality fabric for sofa covers we create. This not only ensures your new cover looks and feels great but it will last for a very long time as well. We offer thousands of different colours and designs that you can choose from, ranging from neutral tones with virtually no pattern to heavily patterned, bold colours that will stand out in any space.


If you would like to order a sample set of our fabric for sofa covers, simply click on the button at the of the page, fill out the form, and we will ship samples out as soon as possible. While we ship out over 100 sample packs of fabric for sofa covers every week, we strongly advise that you visit our showroom in West Yorkshire where you can view our entire catalogue of fabrics.

If you have any other questions regarding loose covers, settee covers, sofa covers, or even curtains feel free to give us a call and let one of our dedicated upholstery experts work with you to give you the cover you need.