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Owning a high quality piece of furniture such as a Tetrad sofa is one of the best investments you can make in your new home. The quality build of Tetrad furniture gives you peace of mind knowing that it will last decades, or lifetimes, without the core structure ever breaking down.

Unfortunately not even the finest craftsmanship can protect sofas from having their fabric ripped, torn, or stained. If your sofa has been damaged or you simply want to give your furniture a new look, Tetrad loose covers from The Loose Cover Company are the perfect solution.

We have a large inventory of Tetrad templates that allow us to create high-quality Tetrad loose covers that will leave your sofa as good as new but cost just a fraction of purchasing a new sofa. We carry templates from all types of modern sofas as well as discontinued models so no matter how old your furniture is we can provide Tetrad loose covers for you. In the case that we somehow do not have your model as a template our expert tailors can create custom Tetrad loose covers so your new cover fits perfectly, looks great, and lives up to the test of time.

We offer hundreds of different fabric types, colours, patterns, and designs that can be used to create your Tetrad loose covers so you can match your furniture to your home’s décor, whether you are looking for something neutral and subtle or bold and eye catching.

Use the button on the right side of the page to request a free set of sample materials; this will allow you to examine just how high-quality our fabrics are. If you have any questions feel free to stop by our main showroom in West Yorkshire or give us a call at 01484 400 116.

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We also cover all older models which have been discontinued from tetrad range.

to include

Abbey  Adelphi  Admiral Alana  Alicia  Alexis Annabel  Ambassador Astoria  Berkeley  Blythe Bolshoi  Bozart  Britten Brooklyn  Bugatti Burghley  Buster Cabriole  Cambridge  Cassius  Carla  Cezanne  Chancelloe Chatsworth  Chelsea Churchill  Cleopatra  Cossack Cuba  Debussy  Degas   Eastchester  Eastwood  Edward  Elgar  Ellen  Emily  Emma  Faded Glory    Francesca  Gatsby  Goodwood  Hamilton  Harlequin  Hartwell  Havana  Hayworth  Hexham  Infinity  Isabelle  Izmir  Julia  Kadinsky  Kensington  Lagonda  Lavinia  Lexington   Lucy  Ludgate  Magellan  Milan  Monroe  Mozart  Naomi  Nelson  Nicole  Old homer  Panama  Polo  Regent  Romsey  Rousseu  Rugby  Rumpole  Sandown  Sarah  Saratoga  Sheraton  Tanya  Vivaldi  Washington  Zanzabar  Zhivago

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Tetrad loose covers